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Say goodbye to warts with WartStick® – powerful, easy to use, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Introducing WartSTICK® – The Revolutionary, Trusted, Easy, and Pain-free Wart Removal Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Do you find yourself constantly frustrated by stubborn common and plantar warts that just won’t go away, no matter what you try? Your search for the ultimate wart removal solution ends here with WartSTICK® – the innovative solid stick formula that makes wart removal a breeze, without any mess or fuss.

Why Choose WartSTICK® for Wart Removal?

WartSTICK® stands out from the competition, offering several advantages that make it the preferred choice for wart removal. With our powerful formula, painless application, and proven results, you can trust WartSTICK® to eliminate those pesky warts once and for all.

Unparalleled Powerful Formula

WartSTICK® is packed with the maximum strength of the FDA-approved active ingredient, salicylic acid (40% compared to liquids at only 17%). Our unique formula has been expertly designed to deliver fast and effective results, ensuring that you can enjoy a wart-free life as soon as possible.

Painless Wart Removal

Say goodbye to the discomfort of freezing treatments – WartSTICK® is painless and easy to use. Simply apply the solid stick formula directly to the wart, and watch as it works its magic, without causing any unnecessary pain or discomfort. Our pain-free approach is one of the many reasons why WartSTICK® is the top choice for people dealing with common and plantar warts.

Proven Results and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Join the millions who have successfully used WartSTICK® for over 50 years and experience the difference for yourself! We’re so confident you’ll love WartSTICK® that we offer a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Please note, WartSTICK® is specifically designed for common and plantar warts and should not be used on flat or genital warts. For complete peace of mind, always refer to our terms and conditions of use and consult with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about your condition.

Order Now and Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Warts

Experience the difference for yourself with WartSTICK® today, and enjoy a wart-free life!

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2 reviews for WartSTICK® (2-PACK)

  1. Tiffany

    I have one plantar wart. I noticed it in late February and saw my doctor just before things closed down in mid-March. He did a cryotherapy treatment and clearly let me know that it may or may not work and a second treatment may be required; in my case, it did not work. Followed up with my doc via a virtual appointment, got the OK to try out salicylic acid. He indicated to try it for 4 – 6 weeks. I purchased this product due to its higher percentage of salicylic acid and the comments of some of the reviewers.

    It is easy to apply. I apply after my foot and the wart area are completely dry after a shower and then cover it with a band aid. That helps keep the medicine from being rubbed off by your sock or such. Also, I don’t like seeing it more than I have to :-). The acid results in the skin shedding itself in overdrive mode and I have had large pieces of skin come off (there is new skin underneath it). So far, the wart it still there. My doc indicated that it a long process and in the end I still may have to go with another round of cryotherapy and, if that does not work, I can have it surgically removed. I have read they can eventually resolve on their own, but that can take years. I would be less pressed about it going away if it were not painful when walking. I can say that the area has become less painful after about four weeks of using this product as the wart and the irritated area around it have become smaller.

    And, on an important practical note, part of it being easy to apply is that it comes in a chapstick-like applicator, so be careful to not accidentally apply it to your lips 😉

  2. Space Kaiser

    How I never heard of this before.. dunno but

    I don’t know why after 35 years of fighting 2 plantar warts and 15 years of fighting another wart on my finger that i only hard if this product a couple months ago. I have had every medical procedure (cutting, nitro freezing, burning with hot poker, burning with lazers, hot poker again) and tried every other home based therapy (compound w for years, dozens of home freeze kits, using stronger acids you can buy online that are marketed towards chemical face peals, duct tape, new skin for oxygen deprevation, apple cider vinegar, wart pads, etc etc).

    I’m on my 3rd tube and just ordered 2 more so while I am not relieved of my longstanding affliction I can positively report the most progress of any home treatments. For the plantar warts, 1 is at the heel and large about 2″x.75″ and the other at the ball of the foot .75″x.75″. The ball goes very deep and i discovered the heel presented at the surface only about 85% of the wart. The remaining part of this wart is at the side of the heel and doesn’t show at the surface. This is why I believe no medical treatments worked because it wasn’t 100% removed.

    Make sure you soak in water to see as much of the extents as possible but if you have a persistent on going problem like i have, use the stick all around the seen areas. Skin that is clear will peel and look normal but as you radiate out you may find additional under the surface areas with either blank skin (no common wart look but also no “fingerprinting” patterns. Keep going along these paths until you hit clear skin that peels away. This process may take several days or more. You’ll know it’s right when the skin turns all white.

    For coverings, I have used various bandaids from waterproof to flexible and they work reasonably well. I saw another reviewer here recommend transpose tape so i bought 6 rolls. I do not recommend this for plantars because the tape is porous and both the glue and the wart wax will seep out with pressure on the foot. 3M waterproof tape is the good and longest lasting. But if you have the patience and lack of pain for it I found the bandaid pad seems to really let the product work for longer. Bandaids fall off though so I wrap the bandaid with transpose tape all the way around the foot to keep secure but ripping hair off when changing and the extra effort this way requires has me just using waterproof tape over a generous amount of waxy wart stick. Be sure to cover your area plus some. Change twice a day and you should get results.

    For my finger i use a flexible type bandaid.

    I will not quit this time. I’ll probably require at least two more months of treatment as all my previous efforts only made these things extra resilient. Good luck fellow sufferers!

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